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Buffy/Willow Fan Fiction Stories Worth Checking Out

The following are links to many stories focused on the Buffy Summers/Willow Rosenberg (FemSlash) relationship fan fiction wise from the TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Author: Mad Hamlet
Story: Spectrum Series (27 Chapters). Warning: Includes Rape

Author: Shyfox and Kirayoshi
Story: Sappho’s Spell Series. Arguably the most known Wiffy fan fic story.

Author: Alicorn
Story: Switcheroony (32 Chapters). Includes Faith as key aspect of storyline.

Author: Crys Loch
Story: The Game Series (11 Chapters). Warning: Involves S&M.

Author: Crys Loch
Story: Vampire Stories (3 Chapters). Warning: Includes threesome with Xander Harris.

Author: Jin Hayte
Story: Just Another (Christmas) Day. One Shot.

Author: Howard Russell
Story: The Morning After. Cute ficlet.

Author: Rin
Story: New and Old: Part 1 of the memorable Red series written by Rin. Making Things Perfect: Part 2 of Red series. Everything I Ever Wanted: Part 3 of Red series. Start of a New Life: Part 4 of Red series. Hey, Baby: Part 5 of Red series. Welcome Home: Part 6 of Red series.

Author: Rebelrsr
Story: Simple Choices (38 Chapters). Fic Challenge.

Author: Boo (Willow’sBoo)
Story: Stones In the Road (7 Chapters).

Author: DawnBTVS
Story: Reveal (34 Chapters).

Author: Cilia
Story: The Complex Lives of Cheerleaders and Quarterbacks (12 Chapters).

Author: Chimera Bloom
Story: Scroll to bottom. Starts with You Used To Be Mine, Part 1.

Author: Exiled-Away
Story: Afterlife Happens (11 Chapters).

Author: Papa Bear
Story: Everyone Else Could See It (3 Chapters).

Author: Papa Bear
Story: Life Is Short (7 Chapters).


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