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NFL Head Coaching Trees

I’ve made up a list of known head coaches (present and past) along with a list of the coaches that they served under while being assistants. This is all up to their first head coaching job so you won’t see somebody like Dom Capers listed under Bill Belichick despite serving as 2008 Secondary Coach for the Patriots. The coaches are listed from first to last (i.e. left to right so Belichick’s first would be Ted Marchibroda).

If you want to create your own “tree”, simply use the find tool and type in a name like Bill Walsh. All names are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

George Allen: Coached under Sid Gillman and George Halas
Bill Belichick: Coached under Ted Marchibroda, Rick Forzano, Tommy Hudspeth, Red Miller, Ray Perkins, Ron Erhardt, and Bill Parcells
Phil Bengston: Coached under Buck Shaw, Red Strader, and Frankie Albert
Raymond Berry: Coached under Chuck Fairbanks and Ron Erhardt
Brian Billick: Coached under Dennis Green
Joe Bugel: Coached under Rick Forzano, Tommy Hudspeth, Bum Phillips, and Joe Gibbs
Cam Cameron: Coached under Norv Turner and Marty Schottenheimer
Dave Campo: Coached under Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer, and Chan Gailey
Dom Capers: Coached under Jim Mora and Bill Cowher
Pete Carroll: Coached under Kay Stephenson, Bud Grant, Jerry Burns, and Bruce Coslet
Blanton Collier: Coached under Paul Brown
Bruce Coslet: Coached under Sam Wyche
Tom Coughlin: Coached under Marion Campbell, Forrest Gregg, and Bill Parcells
Bill Cowher: Coached under Marty Schottenheimer
Romeo Crennel: Coached under Bill Parcells, Ray Handley, Chris Palmer, and Bill Belichick
Al Davis: Coached under Sid Gillman
Butch Davis: Coached under Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer
Jack Del Rio: Coached under Mike Ditka, Brian Billick, George Seifert, and John Fox
Mike Ditka: Coached under Tom Landry
Tony Dungy: Coached under Chuck Noll, Marty Schottenheimer, and Dennis Green
Herman Edwards: Coached under Marty Schottenheimer and Tony Dungy
Ron Erhardt: Coached under Chuck Fairbanks
Jeff Fisher: Coached under Mike Ditka, Buddy Ryan, John Robinson, George Seifert, and Jack Pardee
Tom Flores: Coached under Lou Saban and John Madden
Rick Forzano: Coached under Charley Winner, Paul Brown, and Don McCafferty
John Fox: Coached under Chuck Noll, Bobby Ross, Art Shell, Mike White, Rich Brooks, and Jim Fassel
Chan Gailey: Coached under Dan Reeves and Bill Cowher
Joe Gibbs: Coached under Don Coryell and John McKay
Kevin Gilbride: Coached under Jack Pardee and Tom Coughlin
Jerry Glanville: Coached under Rick Forzano, Tommy Hudspeth, Leeman Bennett, Kay Stephenson, and Hugh Campbell
Dennis Green: Coached under Bill Walsh
Forrest Gregg: Coached under Harland Svare, Ron Waller, and Nick Skorich
Al Groh: Coached under Marion Campbell, Bill Parcells, and Bill Belichick
Jon Gruden: Coached under George Seifert, Mike Holmgren, and Ray Rhodes
Phil Handler: Coached under Milan Creighton
Jim Hanifan: Coached under Don Coryell and Bud Wilkinson
Jim Haslett: Coached under Art Shell, Jim Mora, Rick Venturi, and Bill Cowher
Dan Henning: Coached under Walt Michaels, Don Shula, and Joe Gibbs
Mike Holmgren: Coached under Bill Walsh and George Seifert
Lindy Infante: Coached under Forrest Gregg and Marty Schottenheimer
Dick Jauron: Coached under Hank Bullough, Kay Stephenson, Lindy Infante, Mike Holmgren, and Tom Coughlin
June Jones: Coached under Jerry Glanville and Wayne Fontes
Chuck Knox: Coached under Weeb Ewbank and Joe Schmidt
Gary Kubiak: Coached under George Seifert and Mike Shanahan
Tom Landry: Coached under Jim Lee Howell
Dick Lebeau: Coached under Mike McCormack, Bart Starr, Sam Wyche, Bill Cowher, and Bruce Coslet
Marv Levy: Coached under Jerry Williams and George Allen
Marvin Lewis: Coached under Bill Cowher, Brian Billick, and Steve Spurrier
Scott Linehan: Coached under Mike Tice and Nick Saban
Vince Lombardi: Coached under Jim Lee Howell
John Madden: Coached under John Rauch
Eric Mangini: Coached under Ted Marchibroda, Bill Parcells, and Bill Belichick
Steve Mariucci: Coached under Mike Holmgren
Mike Martz: Coached under Chuck Knox, Rich Brooks, Norv Turner, and Dick Vermeil
Mike McCarthy: Coached under Marty Schottenheimer, Ray Rhodes, and Jim Haslett
Dave McGinnis: Coached under Mike Ditka, Dave Wannstedt, and Vince Tobin
Bill McPeak: Coached under Mike Nixon
Red Miller: Coached under Lou Saban, Jack Faulkner, Mac Speedie, Charley Winner, Don McAfferty, John Sandusky, and Chuck Fairbanks
Jim Mora: Coached under Jack Patera and Ron Meyer
Jim Mora Jr: Coached under Don Coryell, Al Saunders, Jim Mora, Steve Mariucci, and Dennis Erickson
Mike Mularkey: Coached under Sam Wyche and Bill Cowher
Mike Nixon: Coached under Mal Stevens, Tom Scott, Cliff Battles, Carl Voyles, Jock Sutherland, and John Michelson
Dick Nolan: Coached under Tom Landry
Mike Nolan: Coached under Dan Reeves, Norv Turner, Al Groh, and Brian Billick
Chris Palmer: Coached under Jack Pardee, Bill Parcells, and Tom Coughlin
Bill Parcells: Coached under Ray Perkins and Ron Erhardt
Sean Payton: Coached under Ray Rhodes, Tom Coughlin, and Bill Parcells
Ray Perkins: Coached under Chuck Fairbanks, Don Coryell, and Tommy Prothro
Bum Phillips: Coached under Sid Gillman
Wade Phillips: Coached under Bum Phillips, Buddy Ryan, and Dan Reeves
Dan Reeves: Coached under Tom Landry
Ray Rhodes: Coached under Bill Walsh, George Seifert, and Mike Holmgren
John Robinson: Coached under John Madden
Gene Ronzani: Coached under George Halas
Rod Rust: Coached under Dick Vermeil, Marv Levy, and Ron Meyer
Buddy Ryan: Coached under Weeb Ewbank, Bud Grant, Neill Armstrong, and Mike Ditka
Nick Saban: Coached under Jerry Glanville and Bill Belichick
Al Saunders: Coached under Don Coryell
Joe Schmidt: Coached under Harry Gilmer
Marty Schottenheimer: Coached under John McVay, Monte Clark, and Sam Rutigliano
George Seifert: Coached under Bill Walsh
Mike Shanahan: Coached under Dan Reeves and George Seifert
Art Shell: Coached under Tom Flores and Mike Shanahan
Mike Sherman: Coached under Mike Holmgren
David Shula: Coached under Don Shula, Jimmy Johnson, and Sam Wyche
Don Shula: Coached under George Wilson
Lovie Smith: Coached under Tony Dungy and Mike Martz
Mike Smith: Coached under Brian Billick and Jack Del Rio
Gene Stallings: Coached under Tom Landry
Bart Starr: Coached under Dan Devine
Les Steckel: Coached under Bud Grant
Mike Tice: Coached under Dennis Green
Vince Tobin: Coached under Mike Ditka and Ted Marchibroda
Mike Tomlin: Coached under Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden, and Brad Childress
Norv Turner: Coached under John Robinson and Jimmy Johnson
Dick Vermeil: Coached under George Allen
Bill Walsh: Coached under John Rauch, Paul Brown, and Tommy Prothro
Joe Walton: Coached under George Allen and Jack Pardee
Dave Wannstedt: Coached under Jimmy Johnson
Charlie Weis: Coached under Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick
Ken Whisenhunt: Coached under Brian Billick, Chris Palmer, and Bill Cowher
Gregg Williams: Coached under Jack Pardee and Jeff Fisher
Charley Winner: Coached under Weeb Ewbank and Don Shula
Sam Wyche: Coached under Bill Walsh


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